Pregnancy tips during the COVID-19

If the isolation decreed in Spain since March 15 has caught you pregnant, you should know that you belong to the groups with the highest risk of Covid-19, which means that it is very important that you protect yourself and take care of yourself by staying at home.

We bring you a series of tips to make the days more pleasant and, in addition, to do it in a healthy way.

Pregnancy and contagion of Covid-19

Pregnancy tips during pandemic

Pregnant women are included among the patients at risk for coronavirus as a preventive measure because, today, little information is available about the virus. In this sense, Dr. Paula Soriano Lillo, a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics at Quirónsalud Murcia HospitalThis link will open in a new window, tells us that “there is still not enough data for statistics to help us doctors determine if a pregnant woman has, compared to the rest of the population, the greater probability of contracting coronavirus or becoming seriously ill as a result of it”.

To try to address the current scenario, our specialists take into account how previously known viruses act. In this regard, our gynecologist explains that “we know that other viruses responsible for respiratory infections, similar to those caused by Covid-19, increase the risk of developing serious illnesses during pregnancy”, pointing out that “Influenza, SARS, MERS… … are just examples of past battles that remind us of the importance of taking extreme precautions against these types of invading agents when we talk about pregnant women.”

Therefore, it is best to prioritize the prevention and protection of pregnant women. How to do it? In addition to applying the general isolation measures, it is advisable to follow other additional tips that allow you to live the experience of pregnancy, even in this situation of a health pandemic.

Pregnant: how to take care of yourself at home

These recommendations will help you cope as well as possible during the days of confinement:

Stay at home

Without a doubt, this is a key measure. In fact, our gynecologist points it out to us: “The most important thing is that if you find yourself pregnant during confinement, stay at home.” It is true that it is a general recommendation for the entire population, but in the specific case of pregnant women, it should also be extended so that they do not travel to do the shopping, go to the pharmacy or take the pet out.

Our doctor tells us that “so far no cases of malformations or other complications associated with infection by this virus have been documented. However, there is still very little data and any protection is little.” For this reason, we must not forget to apply the recommendations to wash our hands and avoid contact with others.

Healthy nutrition

The fact of being at home all day can mean that we make more visits to the fridge in search of foods that are probably not healthy. To avoid this, our gynecologist recommends the following:

  • Lunch hours. It is advisable to set them as you normally do.
  • Watch out for fast foods.
  • Rich and varied foods. You can take advantage of that extra time you spend at home to propose a diet with greater variety and more appetizing. Our gynecologist invites you to add images to the dishes, “and on top of that you’ll enjoy cooking”, she adds.
  • Organize a daily and healthy menu. This helps you to plan the meals for each day, and also to distract yourself while you think about it.

Exercise and meditation

Make time for yourself too! Our gynecologist reminds us that “if you were undergoing some adapted training or exercise such as yoga or pilates, take advantage of some moments of the day to do a little routine and practice the exercises at home”. In addition to entertaining you, it will help you take care of your physical form and prepare for pregnancy.

Think positive

You are probably wondering, is there something good in all this? There is, and to help us rescue the positive of this situation, our gynecologist proposes the following: “Be positive and think about all the time you are going to have to organize the arrival of the new member of the family”.

The decoration of the room, the preparation of the baby’s arrival … it is possible to do it calmly, enjoying the moment, so take advantage!

Telecommuting tips for pregnant women

If you have to work from home, we recommend the following:

  • Change position from time to time, as well as get up and walk around to loosen up your legs.
  • Take care of your back, do stretching exercises and place the chair properly.
  • Use the pilates or yoga ball, because it is useful to strengthen the pelvic floor and pelvis, as well as to relieve back discomfort. If you have one, you can use it, especially if you are in the third trimester.

Pregnancy reviews

The most important thing is to follow the instructions of our specialists and the center since it is likely that certain medical consultations have been postponed and others will continue. In the latter case, but these preventive measures into practice:

  • Keep the social distance.
  • Avoid close contact with other people.
  • Arrive at the indicated time, without much notice, to stay as little as possible in the hospital.

Despite all the difficulties and the exceptional situation, live and enjoy your pregnancy stage. Our gynecologist concludes that ” pregnancy is a very important and beautiful moment in our lives, let’s not let the coronavirus deprive us of enjoying.

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