Clash of clans is one of the most sparking sensations amidst the gamers at present. This game has pulled all the gamers from various age groups irrespective of their nationality, background or cultural differences. Even if you do not play this captivating game, there is a great chance that you might know someone who does. There are various factors that can be held responsible for this monstrous upsurge of Clash of Clans as more than just a game. We will discuss all these peculiarities that are exclusive to Clash of Clash but before that let us go through the way this game captured the phenomenal fame.

What is this game about?

Huge populations of the clash of clans’ lovers follow this game as a means of catering to their gaming instincts. The player who leads the game completely blends into the role of a keeper without even knowing about it. These ardent gamers start from scratch while building their empire in the form of a base. All the strategies are adopted with the sole aim of uplifting the game and this is where the skill set of a certain player comes into action. There are various resources that play a major role in the formation and modification of a base in Clash Of Clans. These are won over after defeating other competitors, known as chiefs, by choosing the right opportunity and mode for battle.

There are loads of chiefs who look after their individual clans and make sure they have everything at updates or have enough resources for these up gradations. These resources include:

  • Bright Elixir: Open your troops and train them with the help of this elixir. Upgrade your gold storages and mines with the bright Upgrade walls with them too. Renew various important other defenses as well.
  • Gold: Upgrade your town hall and walls using the gold. Build a good base and other necessities for making a strong defense. Elixir collectors can be set up with your storage of gold.
  • Jewels: Boost the barracks, town hall, spell factory, storages, collectors, etc. with the currency that are jewels. Those who look for a jump-start make use of these gems as a means to speed up their game. You can buy dark elixir, gold and other things from the shop if you have the requisite amount of jewels with you.
  • Dark Elixir: It is a means of unlocking the troops of dark barracks like a golem, hog rider, minions, Valkyrie, and the witch. The chief can upgrade the king as well as the queen with the right amount of dark elixir in their dark elixir storage.

Now after knowing the resources let us come to the troops without whom the game makes no sense. It is because of these characters that Clash of Clans gained the supreme popularity worldwide. Troops, as the name suggests, are basic to the formation of an army. The higher will be the number of your troops, the higher will be the chances of your effortless victory. These fictional characters fetch loot for the chief which in turn helps in the improvement of the base. Let us get to them one by one:

  • Barbarian: It is the first troop in the barracks. Uses his sword as a weapon for taking over others. It demolishes whatever comes in his way.
  • Archer: Archers use a bow and arrow for shooting the target. They have a knack for strategies and battle tactics. They are clever enough to judge the target before aiming for it.
  • Giant: Giants, as one might guess, is gigantic in their built. They go for the destruction of the defenses in the very first attempt. They fight with bare hands and have no weapon to fight with.
  • Goblin: They are greedy enough to attack for the loot. They have a special map that directs them towards loot i.e. gold and elixir.
  • Wall Breaker: It is lower in performance as compared to other much powerful troops. They bombard themselves along with the wall they are supposed to be breaking. One can call them wayward in the most real of sense.
  • Wizard: They use magical powers to destroy the enemy’s base. They use necromancy as a means to get over the opponent.

Why should you play clash of clans?

Clash of clans is sure to divert your mind from the rudimentary ways of gaming via desktop and laptops. You can play it on your phone by downloading it from the Google Play store without any charges. Just be dedicated towards the prime objective of hustling for the biggest loot while attacking other clans. Further, you can even play this with your friends by forming clans and increase the excitement to a huge extent. Build your base while defending it to the best of your ability. The most efficient player gets rewards in the form of trophies and gets upgraded to various leagues namely bronze, silver, gold, crystal, master, champion and ultimately the Titan league. Connect with other players from all over the world and interact with them with the help of chatting. This is going to build a strong liking for Clash of Clans in ways you have never imagined. You will be taken into a world where things run faster and by overcoming great challenges.

Therefore, if you have an inclination for strategic as well as intellectual games then this is just the right option for you. With the latest display and operating techniques, you can play Clash of Clans anytime and anywhere on your mobile phones.

Tempting isn’t it? Download clash of clans today

If you were impressed with the whole gaming atmosphere created in the clash of clans, then do not contemplate your decision of playing this by yourself. This website has everything you must know about Clash of Clans before actually beginning your journey. One thing is for sure that you will not be disappointed with the thrill and gaming enthusiasm that will be imparted within you with Clash of clans; After all, it is a treasured game for millions.