Pregnancy books

When you are pregnant or are going to be future parents, the sea of ​​​​doubts overwhelms us and there are titles that guide you, help you, resolve you and accompany you throughout the pregnancy. Do you want to know what are books you should read during the 9 months of pregnancy? We tell you our favorites.

Pregnancy, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful stages that a woman will experience. Nine months in which she will experience firsthand the power of her body de Ella to create life within him. Nine months in which she will feel how her body changes, her genitals, how her belly grows more and more, and how the hormonal changes will cause changes in her diet, her living conditions, and even in the mood of her

Nine months will give way to motherhood, with all that this entails. And also at the time of childbirth: one of the most feared by all pregnant women.

These nine months of gestation can be carried out with enthusiasm, desire, and courage or, also, with fear and uncertainty (the most common in mixing both). So, it doesn’t hurt to receive a little help that can resolve, little by little, all those doubts that come to mind about changes or about the most feared moments.

First of all, it is best to ask any questions or queries to the gynecologist or family doctor. But, in addition to them, books can also help us in the task.

Two Pediatricians At Home

Best pregnancy books

Elena Blanco and Gonzalo Oñoro capture all their experience as parents and their wisdom as pediatricians in the book ‘Two pediatricians at home’, a complete guide on children’s health to resolve doubts and not despair at the first opportunity. With their explanations and #peditips, you will recover your peace of mind and avoid running to the hospital every two times three.

The Breastfeeding Book

Written by dr. José María Paricio, this book has already been defined as the bible of breastfeeding. With exquisite practical, simple, and very professional language, the expert in breastfeeding takes a historical tour of this central technique, while solving absolutely all the doubts that may arise in the nursing mother. How to get a perfect grip? How do know if she is hungry? What to do if breastfeeding hurts?

Your Pregnancy Day By Day

“A practical and illustrated guide, written by the best specialists to enjoy pregnancy to the fullest.” This is how the book ‘Your pregnancy day by day’ directed by the renowned midwife Maggie Blott is defined.

In it, the pregnant woman will find thousands of tips and explanations about pregnancy, childbirth, and the first two weeks of the life of the newborn. With it, you will learn to understand the changes that will take place in your body and the daily development of the fetus inside you.

Advice From Your Midwife

This book is special because, in addition to being a complete guide written by a midwife, it is completely free. Published by the Spanish Association of Midwives, it is perfect for getting useful advice so that the pregnancy goes smoothly and so that the arrival of the baby does not catch you off guard at home.

What Can You Expect When You’re Expecting

We couldn’t start any other way with this selection of books for when you’re pregnant or going to be a dad. The bible for pregnant women: What to expect when you are expecting.

This third edition includes all the news in the field of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, with a preconception plan, information on choosing a doctor, alternative methods of delivery, second pregnancy, twins, intercourse during pregnancy, and all symptoms Publisher: MEDICI

Not Geek Parents

Parents, not geeks (How to have a baby and not become cheesy), is the incunabulum of literature on motherhood and fatherhood.

Written by the creators of Noñoño and published by Ed. Planeta What happens to all of us when a newborn arrives? Why do we get so cloying? Is it genetic, cultural, neurological? Sillyness permeates everything that surrounds a baby and only this manual helps to understand it and combat it with practical advice. A must-have in any home with babies.

Kiss Me A Lot

Kiss me a lot: how to raise your children with love by Carlos González is essential reading for those who are against other theories that advocate a rigid or behavioral education.

This book defends the education of children based on love, respect, and freedom. The abundant anthropological references explain the reason for many infant behaviors, such as crying or sleeping. The book demolishes much of the current advice given by professionals, considering that it goes against nature itself. Editions Today’s Topics.

Pregnancy And Childbirth: Everything You Need To Know

The book Pregnancy and childbirth: everything you need to know by Emilio Santos Leal, deals from the moment the test is positive.

Pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful and unique experiences for parents. Many times the system treats us as clumsy and prevents us from fully enjoying such a natural process. Emilio Santos Leal, gynecologist, and psychiatrist, explains to us in a simple and entertaining way everything we need to know, avoiding the prejudices and stereotypes that we have heard so many times. Don’t be treated like clumsy!

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