Most of the time we don’t spend time to learn the important things. For example, if you are planning to install doors and windows to your home you must acquire the knowledge. Shouldn’t you? But honestly, a higher percentage of people who build houses don’t consider this as an important factor. They just pick the doors and windows recommended by the seller. But this is not the way to purchase. Hereafter, you must make sure to gather the information before you go shopping to purchase doors and windows. So the topic we are planning to discuss on has direct link with doors and windows. When you were looking for doors and windows, you would have heard the words ‘secondary glazing,’ haven’t you? But most people don’t know what it is, even though they have heard it so many times.

What actually is secondary glazing? This provides efficient and cost-effective method to improve heat retention, security, and sound reduction. These are some of the important things required to your window even though you have not been aware of it. When you install secondary glazing, it will be like installing something extra but completely independent. So you will still have your primary window.

Adding an internal window to your existing window (single glazed) creates double glazing. The secondary addition will have separate units of single glazed pane and will be sealed on the edges. The secondary windows are such as vertical sliders, horizontal sliders, side hung, top hung, lift-outs, and double side hung.

That explains secondary glazing definition. But isn’t it important to learn what you can enjoy from secondary glazing? Why would you spend so much time and energy to get it installed if there aren’t any benefits that you can get from secondary glazing? Below, you will find the benefits that you can obtain from secondary glazing.

Advantages of secondary glazing

  • This is a cost-effective method to handle heat loss, sound reduction, and to increase the security of the house.
  • When you compare the cost of installing double or triple glazed windows, you will understand that this is less costly.
  • You can install secondary glazing all by yourself as you don’t need a professional to do it like you’d need when installing double glazing.
  • The cost of installing is cheaper and possible to replace easily. You don’t have to replace or remove anything because it is secondary glazing.

These are some of the advantages of secondary glazing that you must be aware of. However, you have more to learn. So keep reading!

  • You already know both secondary and double glazing help heat reduction. But when you look at heat retention properties, it is higher in secondary glazing when compared to others. The reason why it does a great job at this is because the added layer of glass will protect the warm air while not letting in cold air.
  • The generated heat in your home will not escape when the secondary glazing is installed properly. Also, you will find your home warmer when the heat loss is reduced because of glazing. Also, the bills might drop drastically and it will be a great benefit too. It is also beneficial for the environment and you!
  • You will experience low external noise when the secondary glazing is installed. If you don’t install secondary glazing you will have to deal with noise pollution and it is too much handle. The secondary glazing remains like a barrier to control the sound that comes from the outside even if the windows are closed. You can control sound by adding sound-reduction laminate glass. Or you must keep a 100 mm gap between the primary and secondary window. Actually, there are so many ways to control sound, but these are the most effective ones.
  • You will be able to add more protection to your windows. When you are installing secondary glazing, you don’t have to remove the existing window, which means it is additional protection. Also, there are many reasons why you must not get rid of your original window. There are certain listed buildings and those buildings require permission if any changes need to be made. However, aesthetic changes are not approved in certain building. Certain buildings don’t require permission so you can easily install secondary glazing to increase the effectiveness.
  • In some situations, you might not have the required money or the facility to replace the windows. In such case, you can consider secondary glazing as the best option. You don’t have to bear a huge cost too, which means it is a cost-effective method. The difficulty in maintenance is lower if you have installed secondary glazing even though you have to struggle a little bit.

Overall, secondary glazing has so many benefits. If you are planning to install secondary glazing it is important to know these details so that you will have a proper mindset about it. You should not install anything just because someone else recommended it. Instead, you have to search and learn about it to make the right decision. So, do you think installing secondary glazing is a sound decision? Well, that depends on the individual’s preference. Like we mentioned, if you don’t have enough cash and if you are not interested in removing your existing window, you can consider secondary glazing as a sound option.

So, before you make a decision you must compare and contrast the options along with your preferences so that you can make a wise decision!