Toilets are available in a large variety, these days. Whether you are looking for toilet seats in different colors or different textures, you can easily buy them from a retail outlet or from an online store as per your preferences. There are also different types of toilets available in the market which would cater different requirements of all the family members in your home. The different types of toilets in this regard are wall hung toilets, taller toilets, normal ones and close coupled toilets. If you are new to the purchasing of these toilet unites, this would be a tricky thing for you to do because the available options are a lot and a layman cannot simply decide on which product would be the best choice for him.

What is the mechanism of toilet?

Before we go in further detail of toilets, we should find how a normal toilet work. Only then you would be able to select from the best toilets which would be just perfect for your needs. There are different mechanisms of flushing in different toilet seats however the main functionality is almost similar in all the products. There is a lever, which is either attached at the side or at the top of the tank. Once you push or pull the lever, flush valve is opened, thus allowing the water to flow into the bowl and allowing it to take the waste along with it into the drainage pipe. With added technology, you can choose from the gravity flush or the pressure assisted flush technology. These technologies improve the flushing mechanism, and both have different characteristics.

Types of toilets normally available:

In normal toilet markets, we find following different types of toilets. With a better understanding of these best toilets we can make a better purchase decision.

  • Low level toilets
  • High level toilets
  • Wall hung toilets
  • Back to wall toilets
  • Close coupled toilets

Enhancing the design of your washroom:

Selection of a good toilet should complement the design of your washroom. In most cases, we have a theme in our homes, either traditional or modern. Luckily, there is a huge variety of toilets under both these options. When you are going to buy a new toilet for your washroom, you should consider this thing first. A modern toilet might not look good in a traditional setup and similarly a traditional toilet seat would just destroy the elegance of modern and contemporary washroom. Therefore, when you are looking for the new toilet, confirm the size of your washroom and the design of it to make sure that you are buying the right product which would suit best to your needs.

What is the size of your washroom?

It is important to ascertain the size of your washroom before you make a purchase decision for the best toilets. If you do not have much space, you might not afford to install an elongated bowl toilet in your area and similarly installing a very small wall hung toilet seat in a very large washroom might not look good. Therefore, it is very important to measure the size of your washroom and the size of the place where toilet is to be installed. Only then, you would be ale to make a good decision regarding the purchase of your new toilet seat. When you are buying a toilet seat for your small washroom, following guide might be very helpful:

When you have a confined washroom space, you should be very precise in calculating the space for every utility in the area because even a single inch would matter in this situation. For small sized washrooms, it is a nice idea to install a toilet seat which has a smaller pan. This would not only look elegant and compact but would also save much of your space. Floor would look clean and tidy too.

For small areas, wall hung toilets are also a great option because these are also space saving with modern look. If your house is built with all the modern requirements, then installing a wall hung toilet would be best option. If you have a traditional look, and also want to save space in your washroom, then you can choose from low level or high-level washroom toilet options. These are best toilets option for low budget toilet seats.

If your washroom has more corners than normally required, you can go for the cornered toilets option as well. This option is also best to save space especially in washrooms which have more corners than a normal one. This is a great option for small sized washrooms, and it is compact and easily installed in one corner thus saving space and leaving room for many other things in the washroom.

Tips of large washrooms:

For larger washrooms, there are obviously more options available. You can select from a normal close coupled toilet. Elongated bowl toilets are also very common to install in larger washrooms as they do not have to interfere with the drawers under the sink or any other thing in the washroom. When you have different people in your home, who are going to use the same washroom, you should choose an option which would be perfect for everyone. In this situation, do not install a very tall or short toilet seat and go for a medium sized toilet.