With the digital market blooming rapidly, it’s hard to believe such sky-rocketing inventions and developments that can easily influence and cater to the needs of the users at the same time. There are so many media platforms to choose from with a variety and content and other filters available. The main aim social staging is to allow all users to follow to upload their own content or post that has relative amount significance. Steemit is one such blogging and social media marketing website that lets its users update terrific posts but at the same time, it rewards its publishers and other developers for their outstanding work. Mostly it is a private social media company which is headquartered in Virginia and owned by professionals Ned Scott and Dan Larimer. The motive behind setting up such a huge foundation is for people to come together to easily socialize and connect to a common platform.

The idea behind setting up such a social media base:

An individual can register easily by logging in to the respective website and update and upload content much like any other blogging or social news site and the correspondent developers who are thus voted for the most popularity gets a monetary reward. This reward increases the chances of enhancing their skills and reputation. In fact, any new discoveries done in any field regarding a particular content or post is also rewarded. Mainly the act of curating or discovering refers to choosing the best content and voting for it and also checking standardized submissions. However, a developer is analyzed by his voting strength and his monetary gains.

How to create an account with social media platforms?

Whether it’s Facebook or Reddit, all social networking sites need registrations before starting the actual fun. However, there are certain steps to follow and a quick start guide as to how to become a perfect steemian. The following factors need absolute attention-

  • Privacy for passwords

For most social networking sites, it’s quite easy to retrieve a password once it’s forgotten. But that’s not the case for all. For all steemians, it’s absolutely important to save the password somewhere else for emergency purposes in case of a system breakdown or drive failure. The password should be stored either in a pen drive or CD for the best verbosity.

  • Reading the instructions

It’s important to go through all the guides before venturing forth to create an account.

  • Well written posts

Before an individual posts his own content, it’s good to check a few excellent blogs or contents for some extra tips to be one of the best developers.

  • Creating that perfect profile to build a good image

It’s mandatory for all individuals to set up their best profiles to put forth a good image. A nice photograph along with a small write up about oneself would prove to be beneficial.

  • NSFW

This refers to not safe for work, which means that contents carrying this tag would be hidden from the public but a link to the content would be rather displayed. In addition, one can easily choose one’s own comfortable language and the category of contents one wishes to upload.

  • Signing up

After all the formalities have been completed, it’s time to sign up and give a small introduction about oneself. This will ensure other users to have a look at another’s profile and therefore is a great place to socialize and meet new people.

Other valuables to take care about:

With a wide range of benefits and advantages provided by social media platforms, it’s comparatively a lot smoother now to engage in social discussions and participate in social events as well. A steemian however, should regard other assistance that is provided to have a better social journey and they are as follows:

  • Nothing extra is charged

All contents and posts thus uploaded are free of charge. Sharing and liking of all posts are for free.

  • The voting system

The larger the number of votes a steemian receives on his or her profile, the more popular that individual is. Voting simply means that a post is liked for its appropriateness. For up-vote, one can use the flag symbol and for not liking a particular post, one can use the down flag symbol.

  • Critical analysis

With comments, one can easily get to know as to how a post or content is fairing in such a huge media platform. If comments arrive negative, it’s subjected can be changed to better ones that are trending more on the internet.

  • Followers

A steemian can increase his or her follower count, by simply posting suitable content that caters to the larger audience. Positive feeds increase a person’s self-esteem and more popularity results in more rewards.

  • Rewards

Up to 20% of monetary rewards go to those developers who have received the maximum votes for a particular post. There has to be good potentiality within to curators to post reliable and efficient content to attract all sorts of benefits.

  • Payments

The monetary gain is received within a week of being voted as the most popular developer. However, only good contents receive payment and it may fluctuate depending upon the votes.

  • No copied content

All contents thus posted, should have the statement of originality. All posts would be rejected at once if copied. Therefore, Plagiarism is not entertained.

The final verdict:

It’s really easy to scroll through certain good contents to get all sorts of attention and therefore be rewarded for it. However, one must not beg for votes just to be popular. A steemian should not only be excited towards earning money but also should make an effort to utilize and upload authentic content that would help in socializing with others. Every user should have patience within them to bring forth exclusive posts to share and talk about. Therefore, this is only the way to bring about a smart change in all social media platforms.