culture is Moana

How many times have you seen The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast? Probably more than a trillion times (OK, no, that’s a bit of a stretch). But what is certain is that you know better the princesses with whom you lived since you were almost a baby, compared to the more recent princesses.

10 curiosities of Moana culture

For that reason, we want to share with you 10 curiosities of Moana that you surely did not know. So that now you can put on your Disney master’s badge and no one has a way to refute it:

# 1 What does “Moana” mean?

We are sure that you will not be surprised by the meaning of the last woman’s name to join the princess club. Moana, in Hawaiian, means “ocean.” Yes, it is a bit obvious, but we cannot deny that it makes sense (and it sounds very nice).

# 2 Maui was the main

In the original idea, Maui was the center of the spotlight, and Moana was going to be a supporting character.

# 3 Auli’i Cravalho Is the Youngest Disney Princess Of All

Actress Auli’i Cravalho was just 14 years old when she voiced Moana, making her the youngest Disney princess yet.

# 4 The sea as a character

One of the film’s main challenges was how to make the ocean interpret as a character in itself and not as part of the setting or a being that is controlling the sea. What’s more, water plays such an important role in this movie that new software also had to be invented to animate it and make it look as realistic as possible.

# 5 The Rock didn’t even have to audition

From the beginning, the creators of Moana wanted Dwayne Johnson to be Maui’s voice, so there were no auditions for this character. But, we can’t blame them. The role of Maui was PERFECT for Dwayne.

# 6 Hair like no other

Moana’s hair was so different from any other princess that the animation team had to create new software tools to bring it to life with greater realism. Do you think that with Mérida they also had that problem?

# 7 Seriously, Maui IS a representation of The Rock

For the Maui Corps, the pre-production team was inspired by football players, wrestlers and Dwayne Johnson himself. But the muse did not get there. Even Maui’s eyebrows and dimples are like Dwayne’s.

# 8 Pua is a real pig

The pig noises that Pua makes were not made by a voice actor or some other special effect. They are recordings of a real pig. Aw!

# 9 Historically correct clothing

The wardrobe that Moana and the rest of her community wear had a lot of research behind it. Neysa Bové, the artist in charge of creating it, only chose fabrics and materials found on the island.

# 10 The absence of a goddess

One of Moana’s biggest criticisms regarding her representation of Polynesian culture was the lack of a character that symbolized a goddess since there are many strong and important goddesses in the traditions of this region. Like Hina, who is Maui’s wife?

More 10 curious facts about Moana culture

We share 10 curious facts about Moana to give value to one of the most beautiful Disney films, a production that you should see now if you have not seen it before. And if you saw it, and you have to repeat it, it is also valid.

  1. The meaning of Moana, the name of the movie and the main character, is “Ocean” in Hawaiian.
  2. In Moana, Maui’s character was going to be the main character, and she was going to be a supporting character in the Disney production.
  3. The actress who voiced Moana for her dubbing is called Auli’i Cravalho. She was 14 when she filmed and is the youngest princess in Disney history.
  4. The biggest challenge of the Disney movie was to make the ocean a character in itself. To animate the Moana water, they developed new software.
  5. Dwayne Johnson, who does Maui’s voice, was handpicked by Disney for his work on Moana.
  6. Disney developed new tools to animate the hair of Moana, different from the other princesses.
  7. The production of the film was inspired by the real body of Dwayne Johnson to create the body of Maui.
  8. Pua is a real little pig. They recorded a little pig for Pua’s noises. Any voice actor does not make them like the other Moana characters.
  9. The Disney production carried out a tough investigation on the island’s clothing to design the clothes Moana and the other characters as identical as possible to the real one.
  10. Moana was harshly criticized for not showing a representation of a goddess. According to Polynesian culture, there are multiple goddesses in it, but none were represented in the Disney movie.