When you are trying to solve riddles especially the hardest riddles, you will need to try to be flexible. Think of the various ways which you can be able to interpret the clues which the riddle is trying to give to you. Especially if the hardest riddles are the enigmas type, you will need to remember that, they are mostly figurative, which means that, they will be able to utilize words which have a meaning that is literal in order to convey something which is metaphorical.

An example of the hardest riddles is like a riddle which states: what has golden hair and stands in the middle? The answer to this riddle is a broom. The golden hair is in reference to the yellow straw of the straw in a traditional broom and it is normally placed in a corner whenever it is not in use.

Tricky riddles

It is important to understand that, at times, the hardest riddles can try to trick you. This is normally an occurrence in riddles which are written to sound that they are asking for an explicit or an inappropriate answer. The possibility that you will give out multiple answers makes the riddle to be more fun.

The trick riddles are there to ensure that, you give the obvious answers which might be the most explicit. An example of a riddle with several answers is: what is the four letter word which ends with K that means intercourse? The right answer is to talk. You will be able to pass through the most common assumptions and be able to think more flexible.

A riddle like speaking without a mouth and hearing without ears have nobody but the wind makes me come alive. Who am I? The answer is Echo. The riddle tricks you into thinking about ears and mouth. The wind in the riddle gives you a tiny hint so that, you think beyond the box of ears and mouth in order to avoid the literal.

Help in solving riddles

Most riddles encourage critical thinking. When answering a riddle, you need to think out of the box and thus, you might be able to come up with several answers for the same riddle. How to solve a riddle where there is a famous magician Mr.F who is capable of throwing a ball a short distance, make the ball to be able to stop, and come to him. The ball doesn’t have any strings attached to it and it doesn’t bounce on anything. Is it possible? Critical thinking is needed in order to get the correct answer to the riddle.

First, you will have to think of Mr. F with his magical ball which is able to be thrown, stops, and bounces back to him. There is a need to think how the ball will be thrown so that it is able to stop and then bounce back without bouncing it off anything. Since the ball will have to bounce off the ground. If you throw it straight down, it is going to hit the ground and bounce back to the magician without having to stop and thus, that cannot be the answer.

There is also a possibility of throwing the ball sideways as if you were playing catch with a friend. The ball will eventually hit the ground and come to a stop, but it will not go back to Mr. F unless it has a string attached. And thus, this cannot be the solution to the riddle. The other alternative to through the ball is straight up. If it is thrown straight up, what happens? If Mr. F throws it hard to hit the ceiling, it will not bounce off anything. The ball will be able to stop and then come right back to Mr. F. That is the right answer.

The above gives you a rough idea in solving riddles. Whenever you seem to be confused about a riddle especially when you are reading it, it might be helpful if you stopped and visualized, act out the riddle, or even draw a picture of the riddle. When you do that, it is going to help you to have a clearer and better picture of where to start when solving it. Another alternative like what is used in the above riddle is to think of all the possible ways you can do what the riddle is asking you to do.

Why Solve riddles?

Why is it necessary to be able to solve whatever riddle that comes your way? Riddles are like learning key codes for your video games or answering questions after watching a play. Although it is going to impress those around you, both you and they will tire after some time. Conditioning and working the brain can be equated to that time when you are physically working out your physical body. In the end, you feel accomplished. Muscle failure and muscle fatigue can be equated to how the brain feels when you try to burden it with tough riddles day in day out.

Try to work in moderation and ensure that, you start with the simple riddles as you work your way to the tough ones. With time, you will become a professional and be able to handle whatever riddle that is pushed your way, answering them as naturally as you breathe air in and out of your body.